Get Your Rocks on!

April 2, 2016


Yesterday I wrote about how a minister I know is now working as part of the chaplaincy team in one the main hospitals here in Northern Ireland, and that he had explained to me how health professionals are beginning to explore the tangible health benefits of the arts. So today I thought I would introduce you to another good friend of mine who is one of the most inspiring artists that I know. His name is David Smith and it’s been one of the great privilege’s in my own life to have known him from when we were at school together and have him as a friend. David is one of the most talented artists that I know. Whatever medium he turns his hand to, he masters with such skill, passion and patience that he is able to produce beautiful pieces of art that always leave me wondering how on earth he did it.


In recent years David began exploring art forms that use completely natural resources to produce works of art, and this led him to his current obsession which involves balancing rocks. Now, perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, that’s not that really that big a deal, but I promise that you will change your mind when you see what he is able to produces with a simple pile of stones.


What he is able to do is so mind blowing to me that I end up just sitting staring at his work in complete awe.


Check out his Facebook page for yourself:




Anyway, I’m sharing this all with you, not simply because I want to promote my friend’s amazing artwork (which I do), but to let you know that David also takes his skill and teaches others how to do what he does, working with kids and adults alike to pass on his passion for creating art from what’s literally lying around at our feet, and this for me is great example of how art can be used to inspire others and help them to feel good.


Recently David had at least thirty people learning to balance rocks at the Giants Causeway on the north coast here in Northern Ireland, and I am in no doubt that all of those who took part would have went away with something of a different perspective on  life and art as well as, at the very least, just feeling good about the whole experience and themselves in the process. 


There is healing in art. A healing which I believe can touch and revitalise our souls, helping us to express things trapped deep within us in ways that the limitations of language can never allow and art doesn’t have to be limited to drawing or painting. Art in fact should never be limited to any one medium, and my mate is proof of that. I had never thought of making cool pieces of art out of stacking stones. (And he does this all without the aid of adhesives by the way!) Just the discipline of balancing something like a collection of odd shaped stones for instance can be a very therapeutic, challenging, enjoyable and immensely rewarding experience.


So check out David’s work and perhaps have a go at it yourself. 


If you’re struggling with life at the moment, then why not have a go and try something different? Go find someone who is doing something you always wanted to try but never just got around to. Sign up for a course, join a club, visit a gallery, join a dance class, learn to play an instrument, buy a sketch pad, try some doodling or even look out for my mate if you’re hanging around the coastlines of Northern Ireland because, as the old saying goes: “A change is as good as a rest”. 



I believe some form of art can do you good if you just give it a go. And remember, it doesn’t actually matter if what you think you end up producing is good or bad…that’s not the point. The point is just to have a go because there’s something very profound for each of us to experience in the simple act of creating. God creates and I believe He created us to do the same. 


I have dedicated this blog to help people “Look higher and love deeper” and I passionately believe the arts have a huge role to play in this goal. Art and music can lift our vision and spirits, and I want to shout about those people that I believe are helping to raise our gaze and inspire our hearts to be and feel better, because I believe these people are gifts from God.


So I am very thankful for my mate David and the art he creates because when I look his work, I see God and hear Him speak to me personally. So check out his work…you’ll love it.


Let me know if you have come across an artist who lifts your vision and heart.



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