When Wobbly met Cool

April 21, 2016


Sitting in my usual spot the corner of our local Coffee House (yes, yes…I know I only drink tea but calling them “tea houses” just doesn’t have the same ring to it) my heart has been truly warmed by one of the loveliest things I have seen in a long while. A little gem of a moment that reminds you that life really is beautiful to those with the heart to make it so.


Two little girls who had never met before had an encounter. One was a toddler who had obviously not long learned to walk due to the fact she was still at that slightly wobbly stage whilst connected to her maternal handler via a rather cool looking harness with reigns; and the other was a slightly older little girl dressed in the sweetest of pink dress and white cardigan combos, sporting matching sunglasses and speaking in one of those adorably squeaky voices that hasn’t yet developed a volume control knob.


The toddler’s Mummy was on the way out of the store with slightly wobbly little girl number one when they passed the couple with cool little girl number two standing in the line waiting to be served. The adults of course, engrossed in each of their respective tasks, ignored each other while the little girls connected right away, staring at each other in wide eyed wonder, which I can say with absolute confidence because cool little girl number two even took her sunglasses off as the wobbly toddler passed her, now travelling backwards in an attempt to continue gazing at cool little girl. So determined was wobbly girl to connect with cool girl that she began to try and resist the pull of the harness until Mummy had to stop and look round to see what the hindrance to their progress was. Wobbly girl, feet now planted firmly, was transfixed by cool girl who had now broken away from her own handlers and was walking tentatively towards her, arms outstretched. 


At this point everything appeared to pause as many of us in the store noticed what was happening and stopped to watch this all unfold. 


Cool girl approached Wobbly girl. Wobbly girl still standing in wide eyed expectancy reached out her arms as Cool girl and her came face to face. Cool girl’s outstretched arms appeared to drop slightly at the crucial moment of embrace as if suddenly second guessing herself as to the wisdom of her actions. Turning her head round she looked up at her Dad now hovering behind her as if to seek approval. He smiled. Cool girl, turning back to face Wobbly girl, lifted her arms once again and with the gentle tenderness of a kid wanting to nurse a baby or hold that really expensive ornament that Granny said she could while Mummy looks on with the kind of look that says “drop that and you’ll never taste ice cream for the rest of your life”, gave little Wobbly girl a sort of careful air embrace followed by a wonderfully dramatic type of half kiss on the cheek, much to the glee of Wobbly girl. And the rest of us just melted. With the impromptu greeting completed and the little girls seemingly satisfied, I couldn’t help feeling that the adults smiled the kind of smiles at each other that said “I hope they’re not expecting us to do that.”


What a moment. I’m literally typing this after I saw it all happen because I just couldn’t wait to tell you!


Jesus always said that in order for us to experience the Kingdom of God that we should become like little children, and as far as I’m concerned I just witnessed God’s Kingdom at work for myself as it played out right in front of my own eyes and it was beautiful. There’s so much I feel I could say about it, but I’m not going to except for this…wouldn’t the world be a brilliant place to live if we were all just a little bit more like that?

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