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Welcome to the Journey

3 Questions...
Who am I?
Why am I here?
What am I to do?

A 10 part video series that will give you answers that can change your life

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With over 3 hours of video material, this 10 Part Course is a simple, yet comprehensive programme designed to teach the basic principles of the Christian life in a way that is easy to understand and yet profoundly effective.

Andi Oakes

With over thirty years experience working in Churches in youth and adult ministries, a gifted Bible teacher and speaker, as well as being an artist and award winning singer/songwriter Andi Oakes is the author and developer of the Welcome to the Journey Discipleship Course.

He’s been described by Keith “Mitch” Mitchell, well known Irish Evangelist with Crown Jesus Ministries as:

“One of my favourite communicators. From the heart and relevant.”

 Andi’s teaching and music has been inspiring people in local churches throughout Ireland and the UK.

Andi is currently on the leadership team of Lisburn City Church, an innovative church community dedicated to social change in the heart of the City of Lisburn near Belfast. where he leads worship and teaches.


Recognising the need for a simple yet comprehensive foundation course for people who had recently decided to follow Jesus and become Christians in his home church in Northern Ireland at the time, Andi set about developing material that they could use to teach new Christians which resulted in the 10 Part Welcome to the Journey Programme.


Since then the Welcome to the Journey course has begun to be used in more churches in Ireland to great effect leading to the next logical step of launching the course online for individuals as well as groups to access.


"This is a brilliant course - not just in teaching us, but to help us bring truth to other people. It has brilliant material and is laid out in very simple terms."

Kathryn Millar, Arts for Justice

“One of my favourite communicators. 

From the heart and relevant.”

Mitch, Crown Jesus Ministries

"Inspirational and encouraging. Separates the truth from the myths and negative images of Christianity which hold people back from making their own journey."

Julie Smyth, N.I. 

"I've been a Christian for over twenty years and I wish someone had told me this stuff from the start."

Darryl, Ireland

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